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Speech Language Pathology

Study Skills, Organizational Skills, Writing Skills

At Pathway to Communication, we believe that working closely with family and loved-ones will ensure that skills learned in therapy will be applied to every day life.  Our goal is to help individuals become independent, life-long learners.  

Therapy is provided in your home to help children and adults feel comfortable. Our personalized, multi-modal approach allow clients to be successful. We focus on a client's strength and interests to support his/her weaknesses.   

Corinne Nordin, MS, CCC-SLP and other certified professionals  are available to help with reading, writing, and study skills.

About Me

My name is Corinne Nordin, founder of Pathway to Communication. I am a licensed Speech Language Pathologist with ASHA certification.  I have over 18 years experience evaluating and treating both children and adults with speech and language disorders, language-learning disabilities, autism, developmental disabilities, auditory processing disorders, dyslexia, feeding difficulties, aphasia, and apraxia.  


I graduated from SUNY Cortland in 1999 with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology.  While working full-time in a prestigious private school in Brooklyn, NY, I completed my Communication Sciences Master's Degree at Teachers College and Adelphi University.  Working in various settings such as clinics, preschools, BOCES, school districts, telepractice, and private practice, I was trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Augmentative Communication, and Orton-Gillingham.  Additionally, I have helped hundreds of students and adults prepare for their future. 


Leading you on the right path.

It is more than just words.

Mountain Path

Long Island, New York, USA

PHONE: 631-766-3772

Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.  We are happy to answer any questions.

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You’re In Good Hands

Certified Speech Language Pathologists, Reading Specialists and Special Educators are available to fit the need of you, your parent, or your child. We provide the following services for children, adolescents, and adults:


Through play, art, reading, and hands-on activities, clients will increase vocabulary skills, improve in the ability to understand and communicate more efficiently.



Pathway to Communication provides quality speech therapy to correct articulation disorders, dysarthria, and phonological disorders through improving auditory discrimination, oral motor skills, articulation skills, and phonemic awareness.



Social skills are taught through hands-on learning experiences, social stories, play, and structured social interactions.  Therapy focuses on facilitating interactions and communication with others.  Clients learn social rules, and the importance of both non-verbal and verbal communication.  Through social skills groups and outside activites (example: a trip to the bagel store or local library) social relations are created.



Aphasia is a communication disorder that results from damage to the parts of the brain that contain language (typically in the left half of the brain). Individuals who experience damage may have additional difficulties beyond speech and language issues. At Pathway to Communication, we work with both patients and families to improve memory skills, comprehension, expression. We also will use alternative communication devices when speech is limited.   Often individuals with Aphasia feel isolated and depressed.  We work toward giving individuals tools to become as independent as possible. Upon request and demand, Aphasia groups may be available.

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We work on all aspects of writing.  Some writing skills include: research skills, ideation, organization, grammar, syntax, and cohesion.  Therapist and teachers will assess where a client needs assistance to improve in his/her writing skills and help him/her to become strong, independent writers.  Additional help with college essays, SAT practice, and resume writing is available.

Learn to Read
  • Autism

  • Receptive Language Disorders

  • Expressive Language Disorders

  • Speech and Language Delays

  • Articulation Disorders

  • Phonological Disorders

  • Auditory Processing Disorders

  • Pragmatic Language Disorders

  • Social Skills

  • Writing Skills

  • Oral Motor Skills

  • Executive Functioning Disorders

  • Apraxia

  • Aphasia

  • Feeding 

  • Fluency Disorders (Stuttering & Cluttering)

  • Voice Disorders

  • Tutoring Services


Alexis F., Parent

"Corinne is amazing. My son loves her and looks forward to "playing" with her.  He doesn't even realize he is working!"

Lisa C., Teacher

"I highly recommend you check this out! Corinne is an incredible therapist and one of the best people I know!"

Erika O., Parent

"Thank you so much! You were so patient with my son.  Thank you for all your hard work"

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